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My start-up journey

Starting a business is a scary venture for anyone, especially myself. Having had the dream and ambitions to start my own business from a young age, actually doing it was something l had never experienced before. But now I am through the first 6 months of operation. Upon reflecting, it is something l would never change. 

 Business subjects from both school and university give you the foundations of starting a business. You learn the essentials of finance, management and marketing. These hold you in good stead to have sound knowledge. Yet, they don’t show you how to organise an ABN number, build invoices and fundamentally run your business. 

Locally, we have a strong network that will assist and help take you where you need to go. I have experienced it first hand, and without the help and assistance I’ve received l wouldn’t be in the position l am today. The saying “if you’re going to do something, do it right the first time”, could not apply to a better situation. Thankfully, l have encountered a great network of people who have assisted me drastically and allowed me to make correct business decisions to this day. 

Firstly, l would like to thank Zac Hayes from HA Accounting. From the first meeting we had, he led me in the right direction. Helping me implement several strategies to make EVAR Media easier to run and operate. His counterpart, Regan Mitchelson also helped me and put up with a lot of trivial questions on how to operate the accounting functions. 

 Andrew Holding, from Initiative IT was also a wonderful person to build my business off. The partnership we have grown has been very rewarding and is going to help develop a lot of local businesses. His expertise in introducing Synergy 8 along with cloud-based software, has meant that l can operate my business from anywhere and anytime. Finally, l want to thank Kylie King (Kingie) from Border Cafe, she has been pivotal in providing me with the experience along with brains to throw ideas at constantly. Your success in the area is proven and has allowed me to follow in how you operate in such a professional manner. 

 Growing local partnerships along with bouncing of other businesses and services, is something we need to utilise continually to guarantee success for everyone involved.





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